May 2018  
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Leonard's Favorites

Favorite verse: I Peter 5:7

Why? It reminds me that I can bring everything to God because He cares for me.


Favorite book of the Bible: II Peter

Why? It packs so much truth in just 3 chapters. It covers faith, forgiveness, false teachers, fellowship and the Second Coming.


Favorite person in the Bible (besides The Father, Jesus or the Holy Spirit): Joseph son of Jacob, one of the 12 tribes of Israel

Why? He endured many hardships but remained faithful to God through them all. I would like to be like that.


Favorite parable, miracle or lesson: My favorite parable is Luke 13: 6-9  The barren fig tree

Why? It is about second chances and it has no ending. It doesn't say what happens next. We will write our own ending to this parable by our life.